Software Description

Ontolingua provides a distributed collaborative environment to browse, create, edit, modify, and use ontologies. The server supports over 150 active users, some of whom have provided us with descriptions of their projects.

Software Availability

Ontolingua is a available over the World Wide Web. You can access Ontoligua with a standard web browser at http://www-ksl-svc.stanford.edu/. To use these services you must login.

Other services available include Chimaera.

Trouble logging in? Check here.

Click here to go directly to the Ontolingua Frame Editor .

Software Tutorial

Click here for an Ontolingua Tutorial.

Relevant Papers

Click here for a list of Relevant Papers.


Click here for a list of KSL Ontology Server Projects.

Related Links

Problems or Information?

Contact ontology-librarian@ksl.stanford.edu

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