DQL Project
for the Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory

The Joint US/EU ad hoc Agent Markup Language Committee is proposing a DAML query language called DQL. Stanford KSL has implemented the query language.

Research Team

  • Richard Fikes
  • Rob McCool
  • Deborah McGuinness

    Research Objectives

  • Create a formal language and protocol for a querying agent and an answering agent to use in conducting a query-answering dialogue using knowledge represented in DAML+OIL.

    Related Publications

    Richard Fikes, Pat Hayes, Ian Horrocks, editors. DAML Query Language (DQL) Abstract Specification, August, 2002.
    Richard Fikes, Pat Hayes, Ian Horrocks. DQL: A Query Language for the Semantic Web.
    The OWL-QL Project Page at KSL contains further information about OWL-QL, an adaptation of DQL that works with OWL.

    Presentations and Demos

  • A short demonstration and discussion of DQL and our XML syntax for it.
  • A detailed discussion of the DQL XML syntax.
  • The XML Schema definition of our DQL XML syntax is defined in dql.xsd and dqlvar.xsd. Note that DQL messages make use of the RDF namespace, but that there is no XML Schema document describing either RDF or DAML.
  • Some example queries.
  • Download the 021118 version of the DQL Toolkit, as a gzipped tar file or a zip file.
  • DQL Query Service Demo

    Project Related Events

  • August 2002, release of DQL abstract specification

    Related Web Pages

  • The Joint US/EU ad hoc Agent Markup Language Committee
  • DAML
  • DAML.org page on DQL
  • DQL technical discussions on the joint-committee list.
  • DQL technical discussions on the www-rdf-rules list.

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