NIMD Research Project

This project is being led by KSL, and includes research teams at the T. J. Watson Research Center of the IBM Corporation, and the Pacific Northwest Division of the Battelle Memorial Institute. The team is designing and implementing a system of automated associates called KANI (Knowledge Associates for Novel Intelligence). The KANI system is intended to actively support and participate in intelligence analysis tasks by
  1. helping an analyst identify, structure, aggregate and visualize task-relevant information;
  2. enabling an analyst to construct explicit models of alternative hypotheses (scenarios, relationships, causality, etc.); and
  3. actively assisting an analyst in analytical reasoning such as hypothesis refinement, contradiction recognition, and assumption testing.
Our objective is to create technologies that accelerate and deepen the analytical process as it is being orchestrated and directed by the analyst.

Research Team


  • Richard Fikes
  • Deborah McGuinness
  • Selene Makarios
  • Robert McCool
  • Karl Heuer
  • Paulo Pinheiro da Silva
  • Cynthia Chang
  • Robert Millar


  • Dave Thurman
  • Alan Chappell
  • Andrew Cowell
  • Liam McGrath
  • Patrick Paulson


  • Dave Ferrucci
  • Christopher Welty
  • J. William Murdock
  • Roy Byrd
  • Rie Ando
  • Branimir Boguraev
  • Mary Neff

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