DAML Research Project
What's New

What's New

DAML Language
  • The initial release of the DAML ontology language was co-edited by Dan Connolly, Deborah McGuinness, and Lynn Stein and is available.
  • Work proceeds on merging the best aspects of OIL with the DAML Ontology language. Deborah maintains a page pointing out the main work in this area.
  • A new committee has been formed to oversee the DAML language work. The advisors are Tim Berners-Lee and Jim Hendler. The chairman is Mike Dean. The editors are Dan Connolly, Deborah McGuinness, and Lynn Stein. Weekly meetings have begun and meeting notes are being distributed on the www-rdf-logic mailing list.
  • Fikes and McGuinness provided an axiomatic semantics for DAML-ONT, RDF, and RDFS. A listing of the available formats is available here. An abstract of the document (with pointers to the different formats) is available here.
  • New Changes to DAML-ONT and DAML+OIL

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