DAML Tools Research Project

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In order for the web to takes the next step in its evolution process towards the semantic web, it must become smarter and easier to use simultaneously. The DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML) Program attempts to provide an infrastructure for providing markup language and tools that are easy to use and produce output that is understandable by humans and machines.

Inference Web
Inference Web is a framework for explaining Semantic Web reasoning tasks by storing, exchanging, abstracting, combining, annotating, comparing and rendering proofs and proof fragments provided by reasoners embedded in Semantic Web applications and facilities. (Contact Deborah L. McGuinness).

Ontolingua Server
Provides a distributed collaborative environment to browse, create, edit, modify, and use ontologies. The server supports over 150 active users, some of whom have provided us with descriptions of their projects. (Contact Deborah L. McGuinness).

Chimaera helps you reorganize the taxonomy and resolve name conflicts in a KB - especially useful when merging KBs, but also useful as an ontology browser and ontological sketchpad. (Contact Deborah L. McGuinness).

DAML Ontology Environments

KSL's initial efforts in the tools area support input and output of the DAML ontology language into the KSL suite of ontology tools. Specifically, Ontolingua and Chimaera can both input and output DAML. Chimaera provides a suite of ontology diagnostics aimed at helping authors discover if they have either provable or possible problems with their ontology specifications. It has been used to diagnose a number of the ontologies in the daml ontology repository.

New tools will also be provided that support the authoring of both DAML documents and DAML documents templates. One initial tool is underway that uses Ontolingua to encode DAML ontologies and then automatically generates the appropriate markup on html pages. This is work by Scott Sanner with support from McGuinness.

For further information on this research project, please contact Dr. Deborah L. McGuinness .

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