DAML Research Project
DAML Homework Assignments


Homework Assignment 1

DAML Markup Homework Assignment No. 1
  • The KSL ontology used in the markup assignment is available. The ontologies and markup was done by Scott Sanner supported by Deborah McGuinness and Richard Fikes.
  • A collection of the instance data markup is available in a single daml file as well as being associated with the individual web pages.
  • The ontology and instance data is available in Ontolingua as well.
  • The actual daml markup was generated from the Ontolingua to DAML-ONT translator written by Jessica Jenkins.
  • A lessons learned page is being updated as a result of our work using DAML-ONT in the homework assignment and also as a result of our work on DAML-Enabled Web Services. This leverages the work of the entire KSL DAML team.
  • Following is a list of some of our first web pages that have been marked up with DAML: DAML Project Page, Richard Fikes' Home Page, Deborah McGuinness's Home Page, Sheila McIlraith's Home Page, Son Tran's Home Page, Jessica Jenkin's Home Page, Steve Wilder's Home Page, Chimaera Home Page, Ontolingua Home Page, Scott Sanner's Home Page, Abstract of "Conceptual Modeling for Distributed Ontology Environments", Abstract of "The Chimaera Ontology Environment", Abstract of "An Environment for Merging and Testing Large Ontologies", Abstract of "Asking Questions About Frames".
  • Homework Assignment 2

    DAML Markup Homework Assignment No. 2
  • The KSL submission for homework 2 is available in word format and html format.
  • Homework Assignment 3

    DAML Markup Homework Assignment No. 3
  • Our lessons learned page for homework 3.


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