Aquaint Research Project

KSL is conducting research on ARDA's Aquaint project in collaboration with SAIC. This project is co-led by Prof. Richard Fikes and Deborah L. McGuinness. Sheila McIlraith is technical lead on Partition-Based Logical Reasoning.

Primary Research Team

  • Richard Fikes
  • Deborah McGuinness
  • Sheila McIlraith
  • Jessica Jenkins
  • Paulo Pinheiro da Silva

  • Aquaint Collaborators

  • Maureen Caudill at SAIC, San Diego and team.

  • Related Publication

  • Deborah McGuinness, The semantic web: State of the art and implications for language processing. AAAI Semantic Web Meets Language Resources Workshop. Edmonton, Canada. July 28, 2002. Presentation (ppt).
  • Franz Baader, Alex Borgida, Ralph Kuesters and Deborah L. McGuinness. Matching in Description Logics. In Journal of Logic and Computation -- Special Issue on Description Logics. Volume 9, number 3, June 1999. abstract , full text pdf
  • Alex Borgida and Deborah L . McGuinness. ``Asking Queries about Frames.'' In Proceedings of Fifth International Conference on the Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Cambridge, Massachusetts, November, 1996. Morgan Kaufmann. Also appears in Proceedings of International Workshop on Description Logics, Cambridge, Mass., November 1996. abstract.
  • Deborah L . McGuinness. ``Explanation for Query Answering''. In Proceedings of American Association for Artificial Intelligence Spring Symposium Series Meeting on Mining Answers from Texts and Knowledge Bases. March 26, 2002. ppt.
  • Related Resources

  • InferenceWeb : Explanations on the Semantic Web.
  • Java Theorem Prover (JTP): An Object-Oriented Modular Reasoning System.
  • DAML Query Language (DQL)
  • Related Events

  • Aquaint PI Meeting . June 11-13, 2002. Screenshots from the demo presented (ppt).

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