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There's lots of important info available on the web that most people don't bother taking the time to sift through. To some, health and safety are not important, but to many the impediment is not having the right info easily accessible. Here I have summarized here some important info that may be helpful.

I am not affiliated with any companies involved in any products or industries discussed. I am not liable for consequences resulting from use of this information.

The safest, fun-to-drive automobiles
The biggest danger of death or severe injury for most Americans comes from traffic accidents. (More info about motor vehicle accidents relative to other causes of death.) Lots of auto safety information is easily available, though many never see it. Both crash test scores and safety features are important. While there are an increasing number of safe, fun-to-drive vehicles, many vehicles are much less safe than seemingly similar alternatives. Several important new safety features are currently trickling down from luxury vehicles to more mainstream models, notably stability control and side airbags (for both the torso and head).

Vitamin and mineral supplements
Science does not know precisely how much of each nutrient (vitamin/mineral/etc) people should ingest for optimal health, but a preponderance of evidence clearly shows that even with the best possible diet (which few people come close to) augmenting dietary levels of certain nutrients with supplements reduces the risks of many diseases and leads to better health. Despite conflicting advice, investigation of many sources shows a general consensus on many points. Many common multivitamin/mineral supplements (Centrum, One-a-Day, etc.) have very poor nutrient profiles based on the best currently available research.

Split keyboards
This is somewhat dated now, but a while ago I set up a page with pictures and a description of my then-new armrest mounted split keyboard setup, which you might want to check out if you have typing related problems.

Other health and safety related consumer info that I've collected.

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December, 2000