W3C Web Ontology Working Group Face to Face 

Dates: July 1 - 2, 2002

Location: Room 104 Gates Building, Stanford University

Hosts:  Stanford University (Deborah McGuinness) and Fujitsu (Jonathan Dale)

  • Social Information:
    Sunday - there will be a no host gathering at a local wine tasting bar and restaurant - Niebaum-Coppola , 473 University Ave., Palo Alto, California. Phone: (650) 752-0350

    Monday - there will be a no host dinner gathering at 7pm at a local italian family run restaurant. Dinner on the terrace. Caffe Riace (one recommendation ). Address: 206 Sheridan Ave., Palo Alto, California. directions. Phone: 650/328-0407

    Restaurant info: The most up to date and complete restaurant information is available from Palo Alto Online. You can access their restaurant information directly from here.
  • Visitor Information (including air, rail, bus, car info  with maps & directions).

  • (I have reused all of the information from the Stanford Computer Form which is in the same building as our meeting).

    Note on parking - on the "directions to gates" page there is a note about places to park. If you happen to work for a company that is a member of the stanford computer forum, you can get a "visitor permit" for one day of parking from them. Otherwise follow their directions to the Roth Way parking garage. You can either bring a roll of quarters with you and park at the meters or come in to the meeting and buy a parking hang tag at the meeting and go back to your car and put it on your mirror. Hangtags for the convenient parking cost 12 dollars. Hangtags equal to the "visitor permit" that allow you to park at less convenient lots cost 3 dollars. Payment needs to be done in US dollars. For general information on parking at Stanford (including more about lots, general permits, places to buy permits, etc.), see the Parking and Transportation Services website.

  • Lodging
  • Attendees are responsible for making their own hotel reservations.
    Please note that July 4 is a national holiday in the United States.
    Please make hotel reservations early.
    In order to facilitate carpooling, people may consider clumping together in a few hotels. I repeat some suggestions from my april 9 webont posting:
    - the sheraton for people who want a nice hotel that is nearby (this is a major hotel chain)
    - the garden court hotel for people who want nice and luxurious and for those who like to have more distinctiveness in their hotel surroundings.
    - the travelodge for those who want more affordable lodging
    - super 8 is very similar and close to the travelodge incase it books up
    - also, for those who like B&Bs, cowper inn is great but it books up quickly.
  • List of Registrations: public and possibly out of date ; w3c member confidential and current

  •  Local weather conditions

  • projector - we will have one high resolution projector. If you have access to another and could bring it, please email dlm@ksl.stanford.edu.

  • Agenda mailed to WebOnt on June 19, 2002

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