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 KIF Parser

1) a minor bug was repaired on 12/7/93
2) Problem with nullmarker fixed 12/10/93

Software Requirements

1. Flex 

   A lexical analysis program generator available from the University 
   of California at Berkeley. (Generally compatible with Lex).  Available
   via anonymous ftp from

2. GNU Bison

   A Yacc compatible parser generator available fro Free Software 
   Foundation. FTP site in /pub/gnu.

3. The GNU g++ compiler.

Included Files

KIFClass.h : Class library for KIF.

KIFMethods.C: Function definitions for KIF member functions.

KIFLex.l: Lexer input file.

KIFGrammar.y: Parser input file that defines KIF grammar.

KIFParse.C: Function definition for 'kif_parse' (the function used to
invoke the parser).

TstParser.C:  A simple program that demonstrates use of the parser.

Makefile: The make file for above.