ICCS 2001

Campus Housing

Stanford has limited on campus housing available in undergraduate dorms. There are requirements one must meet to be eligible for this type of housing. Stanford has agreed that registration in ICCS 2001 or DL 2001 will meet the eligibility requirement. Registration will be verified.

The housing is in single rooms (or in suites of three to five single rooms with a common room). The cost is approximately $45 per night - half the cost of an inexpensive motel in the area.

People seeking on campus housing should send a note to summerhousing@conferences.stanford.edu with a request for information and mention the conference (ICCS 2001 or DL 2001) and the dates in the note. The housing office will respond by sending an on-line application form. The housing office has their own financial procedures (I think they require a deposit, etc.) but they have agreed to honor requests from participants in our conferences to the extent housing remains available.

Housing on campus will simplify transportation because Stanford has a free shuttle (the Marguerite Shuttle) that goes all over the campus and to the commercial areas of Palo Alto and Menlo Park. You can access a map of the shuttle route by clicking on Visitor Information from the main ICCS 2001 web page.