Network-based Information Brokers

Reference: Fikes, R.; Engelmore, R.; Farquhar, A.; & Pratt, W. Network-based Information Brokers. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, January, 1995.

Abstract: We describe a new project whose objective is to develop key technologies that will enable vendors and buyers to build and maintain network-based information brokers capable of retrieving information about services and products via the Internet from multiple vendor catalogs and data bases for both human and computer-based clients. The ability to obtain relevant information in a timely and cost efficient manner is central to the effective performance of most tasks in our society. The widespread availability of computerbased information brokers will provide that ability to large communities by significantly facilitating effective access to the broad range of information that is rapidly becoming available on the Internet. The general availability of the technology to build and maintain information brokers will enable an industry to be established whose primary products are computer-based network-accessible brokering services.

Full paper available as ps.

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